Your Small Engine Care and Repair Place
Your Small Engine Care and Repair Place

Below are the logo's and products we are authorized to sell, service, repair, and warranty. Check with company in question on warranty. We work on all makes and models of outdoor power and equipment. Feel free to email or call us with your needs.  The Snapper's that are sold by box store retailers Walmart. The Cub Cadet's sold by Tractor Supply and Home Depot. The Bad Boy mowers sold by Tractor Supply. The Husqvarna Outdoor Power Wheeled Units sold by Lowes and Sears. The Dr.Power Dr. Trimmer we are Authorized Repair Center For.


Below are some of the logo's that we can get parts, sell, and repair. But are not Authorized Warranty Dealers. If your unit is in need of warranty you would have to take to a dealer. 

Below is a list of Aftermarket Suppliers we have teamed up with.

                  Please Note:

That a $25.00 Fee is required on all repairs dropped off for unit to diagnose and repair. If you pay deposit with a credit card you will be refunded the amount minus the processing fees if the unit is indeed warrantable. We ALWAYS call or email and give estimate of repair before unit is fixed and get the approval from customer. The $25.00 will be deducted from the actual cost of the repair in question.. When you arrive we write up your info and a description of your problem, you will be given a waiver and consent contract to read and sign. This process takes about 20 mins to complete. We also request you have an updated valid current email that we can send an estimate too so that we have a hard copy to go by when making your repairs. 

Pickup and delivery is a service offered the rate is decided by the distance of travel from shop to pick up address. Plus the overall condition of the actual pickup. Meaning if the shop can back a trailer right up to the mower that needs to be picked up, or is the mower at a bottom of a hill and have a flat tire or more. The time it takes to write the mower up, load, drive back, unload and do the same going back..

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