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Check out what our customers are saying and these are listed on Angieslist, Google, and Facebook. If you would like to leave a testomonial we ask you go to Google and leave us one then we will add it to our page here for you to see.. Thanks __________________________________________________________________________
An excellent website full of vry helpful information. Will use in the future. 
Victor K.

 M y friend recommended me to NCT and I am very happy with the results. I've been to other shops but none like this I was informed on the callback and the whole procedure. I was informed on how to stop having the issue and how to control it. By far the best experience I have ever had with a lawn mower repair shop I have chainsaws and blowers that will be serviced and repaired from now on at NCT and I will be a fan from this day forward. I checked out the reviews and now I know why they have them. What a place all should take notes.                                                                   Harold R.  

Very pleased that my friend recommended me it was the best thing they have done for me. I dropped my unit off and was given a general idea of the problem a general estimate and a general time I would hear back with the final estimate and it was all on time. I'm very pleased will be back anytime I have another issue with my outdoor power and equipment. I will be sure to tell my friends...                                      Mike T.

Nelson fully explained what he would do, and how long it would take. He was very accurate and fair and had me ready within just a few days. I'd go back whenever I needed a tune up. So honest and friendly. It's like having a friend in the business...                         Jeff W.

I took my John Deere to a bigger shop in Easley only to be told my motor had low compression wanted to sell me a new 1000 dollar engine. I wanted to get a second opinion so I took it to Mr.Perry at NCT he did a full check on unit and found the carburetor and the seat switch were bad. Unit runs like it is suppose to and I walked out paying just under 300. Which was perfect Needless to say NCT is my shop from here on, new or used mower.                                 Bo J.

 I'm here to tell everyone NCT is the best business around for all your lawn mower, weed eaters, push mowers, pruners, chainsaw, and repairs!! You name it they can fix it and are always there to lend a helping hand I will never go anywhere else!! Thanks for all you do I couldn't run my business without them!!!                                                        Jessica M.

 Nelson was awesome. Called him-he knew exactly what my Cub Cadet problem was over the phone. He gave me a quick quote which was extremely reasonable. He then quickly met me at my convenience to pick up and drop off the lawn mower deck. Did awesome work. He will be my lawn mower guy going forward until he retires. Thanks Nelson!                   Larissa K.

 After contacting Nelson he stopped by my house. looked my mower told me what it needed and gave a price and when he could pick it up.. Two days I had my mower back and everything was just as he said. I could not ask for any more. Very satisfied and will use again.  Ken M.

My lawn vacuum wouldn't start. He knew the problem immediately and rebuilt the carburetor. Called me the next morning to pick up my lawn vacuum and it starts great now.                                                                                                                                             Robert W.


I had him do a pick up and delivery. The price listed includes that service.  My mowers look like new.  He worked on my rider (belts, oil, fuel) and my push mower (change oil, filter and new bladder in carburetor). He brought them back sooner than expected and even did a little extra at no charge. I had a excellent experience and would definitely recommend him to my friends.                                                                                                                     Denise M.


NCT Small Engine Repair is a fine shop to have your service repairs for your lawn equipment inspected and completed.  Nelson was very detailed with finding the issues with my riding mower, explaining what and why something should be serviced.  His turn around is very reasonable about one week for my case. I also liked how he detailed what he did on his report which also listed the parts he bought and the hours he worked and the rate of pay he charges.  He changed the mower blades, repairs the mower housing which was bent, replaced a tie rod, adjusted the oil level, fuel filter, leveled the mower housing so it mows level, adjusted the tires, power washed the whole mower, charged the battery, demonstrated how the mower worked after his service, explained what to look for in future such as an oil leak etc...                              Daniel B.


I emailed Mr. Perry about repairing my riding mower. He called and I told him what the problem was. He stated that it sounded like the blades were bent and that it also needed a battery. He picked up the mower since I had to way of transporting it. I wasn't going to be home on Friday morning so he delivered the mower Saturday morning. All in all,  a quite pleasant experience. Mr. Perry went over the repairs with me and actually brought my old blades so I could see the damage. A very pleasant and personable young man. I was very pleased with the entire transaction.                                                                                                Ruth K.


Picked up and returned riding lawn mower Repaired carburetor with new parts, cleaned other parts Repaired brakes Greased and lubed lawn mower Pressure washed lawn mower. My 11 year old riding lawn mower would hardly run and the brakes needed adjustment. I called Perry at NCT on Saturday June 9th and they picked it up promptly as promised. Perry completed a to do list on the lawn mower for what I asked to be done. My lawn mower was ready on the following Friday, June 15th as promised. Before returning the mower he sent me pictures by email of what was wrong with the carb and after repair pictures. This was an exceptional customer service practice. My lawn mover runs and looks new!!! I highly recommend Perry and NCT for your repairs. The price and customer service is the best I have ever had on my equipment.                Dale T.


I have had my lawnmower repaired and also my tiller. Both sound and run like a new one. I took my lawnmower in for service. Nelson explained it had a gas leak and repaired it, too. He even gave me a used seat at no charge.                                                       Lynn W.


I had a leaf blower that wouldn't start and had it repaired. Nelson is a very nice guy to do business with.  He fixed the blower quickly and did excellent work. -- at a great price too.                                                                                                                          Ashley L.


NCT Small Engine Repair did regular service and replaced a belt. When got done they delivered to home. Nelson with the company is the honest person and I have dealt with him over 1 year. He is always reasonable.                                                                              Peggy P.


Clean carburetor, replace filter, and service lawn mower that would not start. Promptly returned call after hours. Picked up mower, serviced and returned in time promised. Cost much less than I expected. Excellent service!                                                                 Sharri H.


Nelson at NCT Small Engine Repair was great to work with, he's cordial, helpful, and knows his stuff. When I brought my mower by for repair, his excitement about the age and quality of my mower and that it was still running after so many years convinced me that he knows what he is doing! He fixed all my problems with my mower in a timely manner. I highly recommend him for any repairs you might have for your mower.                                             Arvind B.


I am very pleased with the service I got from NCT. The mower was running rough when I dropped it off I wanted a service included and what a service I received. Mower was completely gone through they told me what to expect and unit was washed and looked really nice when I picked it up. I will be dropping my stuff here from now on.                               Ronnie C.


This guy is what I have been looking for, has the down home repair feel and I know when he tells me what’s wrong I can believe him. Very fast service next day to be exact on mine, when he told me two maybe three days. Didn't get in the way of life if you know what I mean. Will be back and believe me I'm telling my friends. My mower went in dirty came out clean. Awesome Job!!                                                                                                              Jack L. 


Quick service, very personable guy, very knowledgeable, first experience was great. Prices can't be beat either! He even washed my mower. I will definitely be back, and will recommend to friends he's on Facebook too!                                                                         Tim S.


 This guy showed me the problem with my mower fixed it in one day; power washed it and sharpened the blade. Best price. I have sent all my friends and they thank me for it.                                                                                                                                       Steve J.


The drive in the woods was worth it; this guy knows his stuff and does not mind informing you on what steps to take to make the equipment work for you. I had a pressure washer that was giving me fits, I called NCT and they told me to bring it by while I was there at the shop the owner Mr. Perry spoke with me about how I was using the washer and what the symptoms where just like it was a doctors visit. I left the unit and was surprised to get the call it was done a week later when I was given a two week outlook. I will return to what should be known as the Lawn mower doctor.                                                                                       Ronald B.


Nelson is a funny guy that is willing to spend time just chit chatting with his customers. His prices seem fair, he seems like an honest guy, and as far as I can tell, he really knows his way around small engines. Whenever I'm in the Easley area and I need a repair I will go to him.                                                                                                                               Jay T. 


The service here was so good im thinking of going home and breaking more equipment just to come back to him.                                                                                              Joe J.


Mr. Perry, is very good at what he does. He is fair in his pricing, and very honest. Your equipment is ready before or when promised. I recommend him to all my family, and friends. You don't get this kind of service at a lot of places anymore. Looks like brand new. Tune up, spark plug, new chain, fuel, cleaned chain saw. Great Job!                Mitzi B.


Replaced front axle on riding lawn mower.  Nelson has repaired the engine previously on this mower. His workmanship and thoroughness are excellent.                                    Jack S.


All service, greased, blades sharpened, oil changed, new air filter, and he even pressure washed my unit. Very knowledgeable person. The owner came and picked up my unit, just like he said he would. Gave me a date he would be done. Called me one day before that date, and was ready to bring it back. Very knowledgeable person.                                        Ken P.

I used NCT Small Engine Repair to fix my lawn mower. It had it power washed and the blade sharpened when I picked it up. He had it ready a day early.                                  Steve A. 

                  Please Note:

That a $25.00 Fee is required on all repairs dropped off for unit to diagnose and repair. If you pay deposit with a credit card you will be refunded the amount minus the processing fees if the unit is indeed warrantable. We ALWAYS call or email and give estimate of repair before unit is fixed and get the approval from customer. The $25.00 will be deducted from the actual cost of the repair in question.. When you arrive we write up your info and a description of your problem, you will be given a waiver and consent contract to read and sign. This process takes about 20 mins to complete. We also request you have an updated valid current email that we can send an estimate too so that we have a hard copy to go by when making your repairs. 

Pickup and delivery is a service offered the rate is decided by the distance of travel from shop to pick up address. Plus the overall condition of the actual pickup. Meaning if the shop can back a trailer right up to the mower that needs to be picked up, or is the mower at a bottom of a hill and have a flat tire or more. The time it takes to write the mower up, load, drive back, unload and do the same going back..

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